CPS Missionary Fund 2018

In September each year, we commence our publicity for the CPS Missionary Fund.

CPS has been using the funds and efforts as our missionary outreach. Many of you are familiar with our past projects – contributing to efforts to help build local infrastructure projects like dams and chapels. We were also involved with the “building" up of, more importantly – the people and community in impoverish areas – to give them opportunities, they may not otherwise have.  Some outreach projects are "one-off”, but in the area of education, it is a “continual" commitment by our CPS community annually to make it sustainable. Seeing the fruits of labour, and contributions by past beneficiaries back to the community, have been heart-warming. The success of our outreach owes a big part to our benefactors' kind and continual support and generosity.

So once again, we are looking to our CPS community for your generosity to be able to continue with the missionary thrust of CPS. Any amount will be accepted. We usually combine into lots of $400 per contribution. If you would like contribute for 2018, please do collect a form from the back of the hall at our centres. Thank you.

Closing date for contributions 30 Nov 2017.

You may also click here to download the form.

Kindly placed the completed documents in a sealed envelope and hand it to your centre representatives.